Updated: Feb 9, 2018

Four- legged hypebeasts are making a rise in the streetwear world.

The rise of cult like street wear these recent years has brought upon an unexpected (furry) monster- hype pets. Dogs and Cats are now getting into the hype clothing game, often outshining their humans style. These streetwear dog and cats seem to cop all the hottest merch, causing heads to turn everywhere they go. Luxury pet clothing inspired by brands such as Off White, YEEZY, Anti Social Social Club, Vetements, Adidas, Bape and many more are being sold from select online retailers often as hard to find as a pair of YEEZYS during a release.

The pet clothing being produced like dog hoodies and jackets keeps up on all the latest trends. Social media is todays way of staying in the loop, and often times these hype pets catch on very quickly. Cindy from HYPEBEAST stated "I think its awesome for our four legged friends to follow us in our style. Lets be real- our dogs are HYPE AF. They make me need to step my game up".

"Lets be real, our dogs are HYPE AF. They make me need to step my game up".

Now with the rise of pet streetwear clothing, this only leaves us with one question. Cop or drop?


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