How to Take Fire Pics of Your Hype Pet

IMPORTANT. We all know angles and bomb lighting is our best friend. Same goes for your furry beast. Don't skimp out on the fine details, last thing you want is an average photo shoot that won't result in those likes. Your pup won't forgive you, neither will we. A hype pet photoshoot requires special planning and key features to get the perfect photograph for your social media outlets.

Here are 5 items to include in your photoshoot to reach Instagram fame.


Virgil Abloh's brand is a definite must cop. Dachi the Shiba (@Dachihype) effortlessly styles his look with an OFF-WHITE leash and the latest Supreme x Lacoste cop. While other dogs are sniffing butts at the park Dachi has the game all figured out. His extensive wardrobe is one all hype pets envy. Be sure to check out his sneaker reviews to get the real inside scoop on what fellow puppers want to know.

2. Anything Supreme

You can never have enough Supreme. Same goes for your dog. Tiger (@tiger.frenchie) rocks his LV x Supreme dog hoodie surrounded by the limited white Supreme x Wilson tennis balls. His knowledge of his angles makes this a sure fire pic.

3. Yeezy Boost v2

Yes, the highly famed Adidas yeezys are a must have in your hype dogs photo shoot. Be sure to include the signature BOOST 350 box. Pumpkin (@pumpkin.bulldog) shows some backside to let all the haters know to sniff his rear. He runs this game.

4. Gold Chain

Old school x new school. You can never go wrong with a cuban link dog chain. Nacho (@nacho_boxdog) rocks his Cubano gold chain looking like he just left Ben Baller's shop. He pairs it with a Bape camo hoodie resulting in a look too good to keep a camera off him. Get on his level.

5. Anti Social Social Club

The elusive brand is sure to stir up some likes. Pair the logo with a cute face shot of your pup. Very hard to go wrong here. If your looking to add some heat to the picture, add a matching Anti Social Social Dog hoodie to seal the deal.

Well that pretty much covers it, follow these 5 guidelines for some sure fire photographs for your hype dog. Did we miss something? Drop us a message below.


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